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I promise you
That things will come
Together again
And life will be beautiful
Technicolor and chaotically wonderful
You won't be gray anymore
You won't be retiscent anymore
Because you won't be alone anymore
And you will speak to me
Despite not needing words
I'll already know
That we're both okay
I promise you now
We'll find each other
:iconyinyanged:Yinyanged 1 0
Ride It Out
Missing you
Was like being homesick
I felt safe for once
And I loved you
Because I felt so safe
When you showed me color
In the life I thought so gray
You showed me how to hope
When I figured the world was darkness
You would smirk
Dragging me into the Technicolor chaos
That I'd feared so long
You told me to trust the chaos
Don't try to tame or understand it
You said
Just ride it out
And move on from the darkness
Missing you
Was like being homesick
I loved you
Because you showed me color
And then left me to wander alone
So now
On my own
I need to find the strength
To ride it out
:iconyinyanged:Yinyanged 3 5
Panic Attack
I'm scared
I'm alone
I'm scared
I'm alone
I'm repeating
For stability
I'll never do this right
Every time
I try
I try
I fail
I fail
Why try
When failure
My body shakes
My head aches
A jittery timer is inside
But there is no release
No release
For my nerves
I'm scared
I'm alone
I'm scared
I'm alone
Why try
When failure
:iconyinyanged:Yinyanged 5 4
 Be quiet. Be very, very quiet. They’re coming for us. That’s the instruction that keeps pounding through my head. Each pulse. Each breath. Quiet. Very, very quiet.
 The others are gone. Found long ago. I can only hope that they don’t rat me out. I remember Jake. He was a big mouthed moron. I hoped that his being stupid wouldn’t lead to me being found. I shudder. I would rather be dead than found.
 I remember when they found my brother, Terence. He’s only six. Innocent. That’s too young. Too young to have the future yanked out from under him. I can remember hearing his screams. He put up a struggle-a good fight any kid would’ve been proud of. He’s gone. He’s gone, and I’m not sure when I’ll ever see his stupid, grinning face, so innocent. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see him again.
 No. No, now isn’t the time to get sentimental. Concentrate.
 The darknes
:iconyinyanged:Yinyanged 0 0
From An Underachiever
Believe me
When I say I try
When I continue on
And refuse to cry
Believe me
I don't refuse to learn
I'm just stuck in my quiant little hell
Where I silently burn
Help me
Hear me when I ask
Don't blow me off
Tear away the delinquent mask
See me as I am
See me as me
Not a failing underachiever
But as someone who wants to be free
:iconyinyanged:Yinyanged 2 3
This is what I've been working on. If you like this you may want to look in the gallery. If not, well, sorry about your loss.

Random Favourites

The Price of Obama Cartoon by Conservatoons The Price of Obama Cartoon :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 33 65 Victorian Age by daekazu Victorian Age :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,825 61 Dexter's Laboratory by daekazu Dexter's Laboratory :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,347 234 Head Band Girl. by BeautifulFlower66 Head Band Girl. :iconbeautifulflower66:BeautifulFlower66 12 7 Mac, Mac, and Bloo by paradoxal Mac, Mac, and Bloo :iconparadoxal:paradoxal 356 60 How David Joined Simple Plan by Chocoreaper How David Joined Simple Plan :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 361 122 Mother's Day by The-BlackCat Mother's Day :iconthe-blackcat:The-BlackCat 695 103 The Day The Music Died by Verlassenes00 The Day The Music Died :iconverlassenes00:Verlassenes00 72 55
Am I Pretty Yet?
Slice loved brown locks too short,
Snap in half the glasses,
Toss out the favored jacket,
Strip away the individuality-
Am I pretty yet?
Cake on eyeliner, mascara,
Coat the lips with gross, sticky scarlet,
Powder the face with glitter and blush,
Close up the throat with strong perfume-
Am I pretty yet?
Replace the backpack with a purse,
Replace the books with magazines, music,
Replace the jeans with a frilly skirt,
Force on a dainty blouse-
Am I pretty yet?
Piece the ears thrice with diamonds,
Strangle the neck with chains, cords,
Tie down the wrists with charm bracelets,
Sketch on every body part with needles-
Am I pretty yet?
Pop pills said to lower weight,
Let anorexia run its course,
Smoke a few joints 'til the eyes turn red,
Replace, straighten, whiten teeth-
Am I pretty yet?
Kill the excessive goofy laughter,
Blank out the robotic mind,
Assassinate all pleasant emotions,
Murder the beaming, happy smile-
Am I pretty yet?
Dress me in a formal gown,
Lay me on the cushion,
Weep over
:iconhiddenpictures13:hiddenpictures13 1 1
Me- who i used to be
Shes holding on,
sitting here.
White knuckles
chocking her biggest fear.
Fear of regret,
dreading still.
What happens next,
as time is filled.
Shes thinking back,
the girl she was,
she lost everything.
Loss of life,
and all her friends.
Loss of hope..
time and again.
Shes holding back,
breaking down.
Her saviours presence;
all around.
Shes dieing now,
all because,
she figured out
who she was.
A girl she wants
to never be
the type of girl
that i used to be.
:iconnostalgicstar:nostalgicstar 2 4
Peir Sechua by xKanameTousenx Peir Sechua :iconxkanametousenx:xKanameTousenx 1 1 Blond by Koumori-chan Blond :iconkoumori-chan:Koumori-chan 1 4 Emptiness....... -ART- by Syllirium Emptiness....... -ART- :iconsyllirium:Syllirium 229 62 May 2010 Rough Animation by TomPreston May 2010 Rough Animation :icontompreston:TomPreston 90 21 SHOES, glorious SHOES by lesumai SHOES, glorious SHOES :iconlesumai:lesumai 4,071 929 Where She's Most At Home by Phatpuppyart-Studios Where She's Most At Home :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 178 10
These are my current favs. They change atleast once a week. What? I value creativity enough to expose the artists who make stuff I like. I also like to browse but that just doesn't sound as good.



Yinyanged's Profile Picture
That Girl
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
So, this is my page.
My lovely ID shot was made by :iconbewarenerdyzombies:
I write poetry, draw, and do photography- a jack of all trades.
I read far too many books (as if) and listen to every genre (save country) music.
Ask me anything. Look through my gallery. Seize the day.

“My role in society, or any artist’s or poet’s role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all.”
—John Lennon (RIP 1940-1980)


Current Residence:Constant Suburbia
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, rock, ska
  • Listening to: The Story So Far
  • Reading: The Canterbury Tales
While I'm procrastinating on this huge project that I'll probably get done at 3 am,
I felt the need to give the few people who still actively watch me an update.
I'm thinking about leaving this site. Maybe for Tumblr. Maybe not. Debating if I should just leave the account
here or let it live on in case.

The point is, I've felt terribly depressed lately- and it's not even the creative depression.
It's the I'm-losing-bits-of-myself depression. No fun.
So while I'm trying to get the pieces back together, I'll be debating about the relevance of this account
since the majority of my lovely old watchers have themselves become inactive or have deleted their accounts.

This isn't a hiatus. That implies I've been doing much before this. This right here is an undeserved halt.
Thanksgiving, hopefully things will be better.

Back to the damn Canterbury Tales and its slutty nun.:| (Blank Stare) 


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